Humans of Miami Lakes: Yoga leader Claire Zovko

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Humans of Miami Lakes: Yoga leader Claire Zovko


Back in the early 2000’s, Claire Zovko took her first yoga class while visiting her aunt in New York City. Zovko fell in love with yoga immediately. 

“It blew my mind,” explained Zovko. 

Zovko was always an athlete, and played basketball in college. As she was nearing the end of college, she knew her career in basketball was coming to an end. As fate would have it, yoga quickly became her new adventure. She loved the physical aspect yoga brought as well as the mental exposure. 

In 2016, Zovko purchased a yoga studio in Miami Lakes. Her main focus was on connecting with the community. She knew there was something special about Miami Lakes. 

At a town meeting in 2017, Zovko immediately proposed the idea of teaching yoga at the park for free. They loved the idea and soon enough Yoga at the Park was born. Her idea was a big hit as community members from Miami Lakes flocked to yoga classes. Zovko hopes to inspire confidence in her pupils, and to have them bring out that newfound motivation in their everyday life. Not only does she want people to connect with yoga, she also wants them to connect with one another.

Zovko is always looking for new ways to learn and stay up-to-date on yoga, and is currently in India with her own yoga teacher. She is challenging herself by going to Motorcycle Valley, a mere 18,500 feet high on the highest driveable road. She even learned how to ride a motorcycle specifically for this trip because of  her desire to learn and bring back some of that knowledge to her clientele.

The Miami Lakes studio was previously known as 305 Yoga and now goes by Lighthouse Yoga and Wellness. These new changes are part of the studio’s continued growth. The studio is located at 6175 N.W. 153 Street in suite 329. For more information, visit www.lighthouseyogawellness or call (305)803-0857.



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