William Rachel is named STU's first head football coach for 2019

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 0 Comments

William Rachel is named STU's first head football coach for 2019


St. Thomas University has named its first-ever head football coach. 

 The Bobcats tapped William Rychel, the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach at Savannah State University, to lead the college’s new football team starting with the inaugural season in 2019. 

 STU President David Armstrong said he chose Rychel because the two worked together to start a football program at Notre Dame College in Cleveland. 

 “Rychel and I have a history of building a college football team that focuses on mission, character building, academic success and competition,” said Armstrong. “He is a man of quality character and is a fantastic recruiter.” 

 Rychel spent seven seasons at Notre Dame College, first as the offensive coordinator and assistant football coach. 

 He eventually landed the head coaching job. When asked about his expectations, Rychel said: “I believe that South Florida is the perfect place to start a football program because everyone in the country comes to South Florida to recruit, and we are fortunate enough to provide our student athletes with a great education and an unbelievable athletic experience from right here at home. 

 “I am extremely excited to work with president Armstrong again,” Rychel added. “He has a great vision for building athletic programs that contribute to the overall mission of the university. His servant leadership is contagious, as it provides an atmosphere on campus that benefits the student body.” 

 Rychel’s offensives have been dynamic at every stop along his way as a coach, as he led the sixth ranked offense in yardsper- game (457.5) as the offensive coordinator at Notre Dame College in 2014. His first day as STU’s head football coach is December 1.

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