Pace hosts first annual Alumni Softball game

Thursday, December 20, 2018 0 Comments

Pace hosts first annual Alumni Softball game
On Saturday, December 1, Monsignor Edward Pace (PACE) welcomed back former Spartan baseball players to the school’s first annual alumni softball game. The event was organized by PACE’S Alumni Association and PACE Athletics to bring former players back to the place they once called their second home. After reaching out to PACE alumni, dozens of former Spartans returned to play on the field of their beloved alma mater.
As the former players arrived, they were welcomed by PACE baseball head coach Tom Duffin, who is a 1985 alumnus and PACE’S newly named athletic director. The day was filled with excitement and nostalgia as the players and their families experienced the legacy of Spartan baseball.
Several returning alumni were members of PACE State championship teams, while others continued in college and beyond to have professional baseball careers.
The game concluded with a Spartan team huddle as Duffin expressed his gratitude and invited them back for future games with the hopes of having even more alumni in attendance. The event was followed by a delicious lunch and all participating players received Adidas bags, wrist bands and a commemorative t-shirt of the event.

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